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Technology Education

Unit 1: Getting Started

In Unit 1, students will learn how to log into Windows, log into their Office 365 accounts, use OneDrive, use Word 2016, and do basic fact-checking. They will also set up and use Quizlet, ReadTheory, and accounts.


Logging into Windows






Unit 2: The Nature of Technology

Unit 2 Resources

Unit 3: Design for a Technological World

Unit 3 Resources

Unit 3 Vocabulary

Typing Express Course

Unit 4: Digital Citizenship

Terms of Service: Understanding Our Role in the World of Big Data

Evaluating and Fact-Checking Resources

Securing Your Technology

Unit 4 Resources

Unit 4 Vocabulary

Unit 5: Materials, Manufacturing, and Construction

Types of Materials

Properties of Materials

Forming and Separating Processes

Combining and Conditioning Processes

From Workshops to Factories

Resources for Manufacturing

Automated Manufacturing

Managing Production Systems

Resources for Construction


Construction of a House

Managing Construction Projects

Unit 5 Resources

Engineering & Technology Education: Learning by Design

Unit 5 Vocabulary

Unit 6: Communication and Information Technology

What is Communication?

Communication as a System

Resources for Communication Systems

Understanding Electronics

Electronic Circuits


The Computer as a System

Radio, Telephone, and Television

Computer Networks and the Internet

Electronic Games and Recording Systems



Electronic Imaging

Second Quarter Projects


Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages

Unit 7: Energy, Power, and Transportation

Work and Energy

Resources for Energy

Power and Power Systems

Resources for Transportation

Land and Water Transportation

Air and Space Transportation

Intermodal and Nonvehicle Transportation

Unit 8: Biological and Chemical Technology


Medical Technology

Agriculture and Food Production

Understanding Chemistry

Resources for Chemical Technology

Using Chemical Technology

Developing Chemical Products

Unit 9: The Future of Technology in Society

The Wireless Revolution

Personal Manufacturing

Forecasting and Living with the Future

Third Quarter Projects



Unit 10: Computer Science

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