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This is a personal knowledge wiki. I was inspired by Mike Caulfield's keynote, The Garden and the Stream. It's meant to grow and change over time and it's really intended for me first. However, I hope you find the contents useful, and please feel free to reuse as the license permits.

Amateur Radio

After getting a Baofeng UV-5R as a Christmas gift, I've been digging into the world of amateur radio and enjoying it. There are also practical applications at work since we rely on radios for various tasks at the school. Right now I don't have a technician's license so I'm strictly receive-only except on FRS, MURS, or work-related frequencies. I've also picked up a pair of Baofeng BF-888S radios as supplemental devices.


A major part of my role at Chapel Field Christian Schools is managing IT and data. I'm also a volunteer sysadmin at Freedom Road Bible Church. I'm a big fan of using free software tools when I can, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. Sorry, Richard.

Installing and maintaining XCP-NG on a Dell PowerEdge R320 has been interesting. I really like XCP-NG, but the initial setup is a little annoying compared to ESXi. I love that ESXi runs off a USB and doesn't need to touch the internal storage. I also like that the GUI is up and running immediately and it's much simpler to configure the initial datastore. However, once you know how to manipulate datastores in XCP-NG it's pretty trivial and it's also great to be able to wget install images right to the internal storage instead of downloading them on another computer and uploading them through the web interface. Xen Orchestra is fantastic, but again a little bit of a pain to set up if you're using the community edition. The supported version is dead simple though. If I was starting off with a new environment I think I would go with XCP-NG instead of ESXi at this point, even though it would mean relearning some stuff.

I'm currently experimenting with Univention Corporate Server and how it interacts with taking over domains from Windows Server or Zentyal controllers.


SSH Public Keys




During my time as a professional educator, I've taught a number of courses. To the best of my ability, these have been documented here for future reference. I'm also developing my thoughts on digital literacy with the hope that they'll get incorporated into a course at some point. Many thanks to Mike Caulfield for his help in this area!

I'm also curating resources on planning for students. One resource I've found that's no longer available is Cornell's Five Day Study Plan, which I've reproduced and adapted.

World Studies: Eastern Hemisphere

Technology Education

Computer Science Principles 2016-17 and Computer Science Principles 2018-19

United States History

Bible Truths Level C


Professional Development


I enjoy writing up tutorials on how to do different things, although finding the time to do so is very difficult these days. I update them as often as I can.

Configure DokuWiki on OpenBSD 6.2

Configure Syncthing Remotely on OpenBSD 6.3

First Five Minutes on OpenBSD 6.2

Build Xen Orchestra Community Edition

Toggle Hibernation in Windows 10

I'm also working on figuring out some of the make-or-break settings for installing a modern Linux distro on a 2009 MacBook Pro. There appear to be some issues with GPT vs. MBR as well as LVM.

First Five Minutes on Debian

Join Ubuntu to Active Directory

Project Ideas


Questions to Ask While Reading

  1. What is the book about as a whole?
  2. What is being said in detail and how?
  3. Is the book true, in whole or part?
  4. What of it is true?
  5. Where might I apply this in my life?
  6. Where have I seen this play out in my life?
  7. Does this give me any ideas to write about?
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