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My Political Inclinations

I am not a registered member of any political party. The Republican party's official positions on many social issues are closer to mine, but their actual positions, including their support of Trump, make it impossible for me to support them in any official way. Many of the Democratic positions are unacceptable to me, especially their support of abortion. I will not support a party that advocates abortion. It might be easier (if you're a fellow American) to think of me as economically socialist, socially conservative, and structurally federalist-republican. I consider these things separate from each other, although there is overlap between each of them.


I believe that humans are not inherently good, and so true communism and its cousin, libertarianism, are impossible. However, capitalism is built around - and caters to - this sinful nature. It works for a little while, but it's devoid of conscience. I don't find either system compelling. I believe that socialism offers a balance of realism about material needs and aspiration for a more equitable and others-oriented system.

Marx's fixation on class struggle is inappropriate and leads to a constant us-against-them mentality that leaves socialists adrift when there is no one left to fight. It also fuels the American conservative perception that socialists want to take things away from other people. Instead, socialists should focus on what we can give each other in order to reduce inequality and poverty. It's worth noting though that I do believe governments have the authority to tax, and that it is part of the trade-off of enjoying the benefits and protections of society.


As a Protestant Christian, I take what Americans would consider a conservative position on many social issues. I recognize that I'm definitely in the minority on these issues and that's OK. My faith doesn't rely on being popular.


I'll change this when I think of a more descriptive - but still Plain English - way to say it, but I see government structure as separate from economic or social issues. In this sense I believe that federalism is an effective way to organize a large state and that representative government is - for now - the most effective way to participate in a large state, even if that republican structure doesn't go all the way to the bottom. For example, I believe that it's possible for a small community to be run as a true, flat democracy while being a part of a larger republican structure. This makes it possible for economic and even political socialism to exist inside a larger federalist-republican structure. However, I would love to see us transition to a federal-socialist structure. I wonder though if it's possible for small states with different economic systems to coexist within a federal structure. If so, it would allow greater freedom within the state for individuals to live according to their preferences.

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