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Energy, Materials, and Tools and Machines

Before the Lesson


  1. Describe how people’s needs drive technology.
  2. Show how several categories of resources are necessary for the improvement of any technology.
  3. Explain how various types of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources are needed for technological systems to function.
  4. Illustrate why resources must be appropriate and must be selected very carefully in order to optimize a system.
  5. Examine the impacts of technology.
  6. Analyze the use of maintenance and troubleshooting.

Guided Instruction

  1. Round Read: Energy, Materials, and Tools and Machines (pp. 115-121)

Guided Practice

  1. Round Swap: Energy, Materials, and Tools and Machines

Independent Practice

  1. Concept Map: Resources for Technology


  1. Chapter 5.2 Terms Quiz
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