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Configure Syncthing Remotely on OpenBSD 6.3

This guide was written assuming you are configuring a remote machine, but can be used for a machine you have physical access to.

Change to root with su -l and install syncthing with pkg_add -U syncthing.


Then configure syncthing to start automatically with rcctl enable syncthing and (if you are working with a remote machine) temporarily override the default configuration with rcctl set syncthing flags -no-browser -gui-address= unless you'd prefer to use ssh port forwarding.

Start syncthing with rcctl start syncthing.

Go to the remote address, port 8384, and configure a username and password, as well as TLS. Otherwise, your syncthing GUI will be accessible to anyone.

Then remove the extra flags from your /etc/rc.conf.local file and restart syncthing with rcctl restart syncthing.

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