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Chapter 4.1 Understanding Culture

Text: WSEH pp. 92-95
Periods: 1.5

Before the Lesson

  1. Prepare Objectives, Opening Instructions, and Homework slides
  2. Prepare KWL worksheet
  3. Prepare Rally Swap worksheet
  4. Prepare DDMI worksheet


  1. Learn about culture.
  2. Explore how culture was developed.
  3. Identify the sequence of events to help you understand and remember them.

Prior Knowledge

  1. KWL: Understanding Culture

Guided Instruction

  1. Review and explain the lesson objectives
  2. Vocabulary Builder
    • culture: the way of life of a people, including their beliefs and practices
    • cultural landscape: the parts of a people's environment that they have shaped and the technology they have used to shape it
    • civilization: an advanced culture with cities and a system of writing
    • institution: a custom or organization with social, educational, or religious purposes
    • trait: distinguishing feature or characteristic
    • dictate: to control or command
  3. Rally Read: What is Culture? (pp.92-93)

Guided Practice

  1. Rally Swap: What are some elements of culture?
  2. Rally Swap: How do people in Greece interact with their environment differently than people in Japan?
  3. Rally Swap: Study the picture on p. 93. How has Bali's environment affected its culture?
  4. Rally Swap: Study the picture on p. 93. How has Bali's culture affected its environment?

Independent Practice

  1. Explain and model Details + Details = Main Idea (DDMI)
  2. DDMI: What is Culture? (pp. 92-93)


  1. Reading Check: How are culture and environment related?

Guided Instruction

  1. Vocabulary Builder
    • advance: development
    • complex: complicated, made up of several parts
  2. Rally Read: The Development of Culture (pp. 94-95)
  3. Discussion: Biblical time line vs. secular time line

Guided Practice

  1. Rally Swap: According to your book, what are the four major advances of early cultures?
  2. Rally Swap: Look at Genesis 4. According to the Bible, how many generations did it take for humans to achieve all four of these advances?
  3. Rally Swap: Why do you think the development of cities made institutions like government and armies important?
  4. Rally Swap: Study the pictures on p. 94. How do you think the development of tools for harvesting affected the amount that each farmer could harvest?
  5. Rally Swap: What important events led to the Industrial Revolution?

Independent Practice

  1. DDMI: The Development of Culture (pp. 94-95)


  1. Reading Check: What allowed civilizations to develop?
  2. Rally Swap: Chapter 4.1 Assessment
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