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Chapter 21 Key Terms and Vocabulary

  1. emperor: a male ruler of an empire
  2. dynasty: a series of rulers from the same family
  3. clan: a group of families with a common ancestor
  4. cultural diffusion: the spreading of ideas or practices from one culture to other cultures
  5. communist: relating to a government that controls a country's large industries, businesses, and land
  6. symbol: something that stands for something else, usually an idea or concept
  7. noble: a person born to a high rank
  8. adopt: to take and use as one's own
  9. grant: to allow or permit
  10. commune: a community in which people own land as a group and where they live and work together
  11. dialect: a variation of a language that is unique to a region or an area
  12. nomad: a person who has no settled home but who moves from place to place
  13. homogeneous: identical or similar
  14. ethnic group: a group of people who share such characteristics as language, religion, and ancestry
  15. resist: to stand firm against
  16. variation: difference, alternative
  17. unique: the only one of its kind
  18. diverse: not all the same; varied
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