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Borrowed Culture

Many things we tend to think of as “American” really originated in other cultures. Then they were brought here by immigrants or simply borrowed by Americans. Now they seem as if they started here, but see if you can find out where some of these traditions came from. Use Google to research the topics below and be prepared to share your findings with the class.

TIP: Google's search will be more effective if you search using an actual question. Also, open the results in a new tab by right-clicking and choosing a new tab or by middle-clicking with the scroll wheel. That way you can switch back to the search without losing your information.


How many times have you gone on a picnic in the spring, summer, or fall? Although the idea of going on a picnic seems very normal, it didn't originate in the United States. See if you can find out where it came from originally and what picnics were like at first.

Do you enjoy a burger and fries? Americans also eat plenty of watermelon and bacon too. Kansas City might be famous for its barbecue, but America didn't invent it. See if you can pinpoint the places these five foods actually came from. And no, French Fries weren't invented in France!


What's more American than July 4th fireworks? But fireworks were created somewhere very different, and a long time before America was even a country. See if you can find out where and when they were created, and what they were originally used for.


Americans celebrate several holidays and events with parades through city streets or down the middle of town. But parades originally served a different purpose and started somewhere else. See if you can find out what parades were originally used for and where they started.

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